Thoughts on Software Engineering Daily Oct 9, 2019 - Treehouse: Business and Education with Ryan Carson

Listen to Business and Education with Ryan Carson

Ryan is building a programmer apprenticeship program to drive equality in technology hiring. Treehouse helps grow technology teams with a rigorous and outcomes oriented approach to talent sourcing: your own community.

By partnering with community organizations, like the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Treehouse's programming apprenticeship program cares for the poor, marginalized, and disadvantaged providing access to the knowledge worker economy. The program is fully funded by companies allowing apprentices access to full-time education with salary and benefits.

Upon completing the program they transition to full-time employment at the sponsoring company. After beginning full-time work, the apprenticeship program continues to provide coaching, mentoring, and community support for three years.

Overall I believe apprenticeship is superior model to the college-after-high-school. Any knowledge work must have continuing education to remain relevant, but four years of full-time study in a constantly changing world is a broken model.

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Software Engineering is very important for us today. I want to learn more about it.